Bearing in mind the lengths we go to bring together the best quality coffees, all would be in vain if we did not do the same when it comes to equipment. We have forged long standing partnerships with some of the very best including Cimbali, Conti, Compaq, WMF, Marco, Azkoyen & Westomatic. From high volume multi outlet operations, to speciality artisan coffee houses, we supply and maintain a huge range.

We offer a variety of ways for you to acquire your equipment, whether an outright purchase, lease or rental, you can be sure we will always recommend the most suitable equipment for you, not the most expensive.


We have brought together some of the very best professional espresso equipment available in the UK. Starting with ‘compact’ and full size machines from Conti with CC100 models & Casadio with the elegant Undieci, giving you high levels of reliability along with variable temperature group heads to ensure your espresso is delivered with maximum flavour balance.

If you require a machine with a higher output and able to cope with higher volumes, then the Conti X-One and Monte Carlo models will be a dream for your Barista’s to work on. From Cimbali there is the ‘compact’ M29, the favourite M34 through to the flagship M100, all available with Cimbali’s superb ‘turbosteam’ option. The Cimbali machines can of course be teamed up with the Magnum on-demand grinder connected via bluetooth to ensure your grinder maintains optimum extraction timing.


We provide a large range of options, on a rental, or pay-per cup* basis, throughout the South West of England. Our coffee towers provide superb quality coffee options, to suit high volume retail operations swell as lower volume convenience stores. Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss the options available to suit your business. 

When it comes to fresh milk options, machines from cutting edge manufacturers Cimbali and WMF producing high tech espresso equipment to deliver finished latte, cappuccino, mocha as well as cold milk espresso drinks at the press of a button. These superb machines can deliver great quality coffee, enabling staff to multitask in busy environments, where speed of service is imperative.


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