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Our many years of experience has helped us to understand the many different needs of our customers and we aim to cater for all of these. This is why we have a great range of coffees suitable for all of your own customer needs.

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Havana Supremo

Havana Supremo, our most popular espresso blend giving a clean, fruity, citrus acidity compliments a medium body. Malty, nutty profiles come through from the Brazilian with the Kenyan bringing high citrus notes and washed Robusta drawing depth & body.

A well balanced blend.


Vietnam, India, Uganda and Guatemala.

This tasty little number boasts nutty flavours and spicy tones. Toasty with dark caramel coffee.

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Moka Coffee

An intense and complex blend with notes of roasted nut, dark cocoa and sweet cedar wood, complimented by a creamy mouth feel.

Coast & Moor Coffee

We nestle, surrounded by rugged coastline and dramatic moors producing some of the areas most outstanding natural beauty. In keeping with this we have searched for the worlds very best Arabica coffees to bring together a sustainable range of coffees in partnership with our roastery and roasted in the Westcountry, our stunning blends will provide you with superb coffee, alongside ongoing training support.

Union Hand Roasted

We are privileged to work with one of the UK’s foremost coffee roaster’s at Union.
They work with smallholder farmers around the world to source high quality coffees, then roast each batch in their vintage Probat to develop their distinctive flavours, served in Britain’s finest restaurants and cafes.

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