From small beginnings in a tiny shop and coffee house in Barnstaple and a friend asking if we could get hold of a Francis Francis! domestic coffee machine, soon followed requests to supply some local hotels, pubs & restaurants with coffee and equipment. So after initially operating from the upstairs of a small retail shop, we are now one of the largest Coffee Companies in the region. Between us, we now have more years experience in the coffee industry than you can shake a stick at! Any one of us can witter on until the cows come home about coffee, acidity, body, flavour balance, origins, pump pressure, crema… But what we all really love to see is coffee produced with care and passion that does justice to the efforts of the farmers, the pickers, the roasters who have all ‘done their bit’ along the way, to produce outstanding coffee!





Co Founder Havana Coffee Co

With a wealth of experience in the catering and hospitality industry, a stickler for a lovingly produced flat white and the perfect espresso! Whether sourcing green beans, fixing a machine, roasting or producing ‘passable’ latte art, he does a great ‘impression’ of all of them! A keen mountain biker, but nowadays prefers ‘e-bike!’ 


Co Founder Havana Coffee Co

Rachel’s enthusiasm knows no bounds. She never ever gets stressed…..apparently! If you are after anything from an artisan gin to even planning a big social event, the offer a glass of prosecco will certainly get her attention, she is a keen cyclist, healthy eater, but her latte art is crap!


Sales Development

Tina is out and about most of the time, always bringing a smile with her! She has a great in depth knowledge of all of our coffees and equipment, as well as some 6,000 other items available from ourselves and Youings Wholesale. A lover of dogs, Tina has recently added a Cockapoo to her family and is ‘Cocka-loopy!’


Service Engineer


With a depth of knowledge of a huge number of machines, there are not many that will defeat Steve! He has an encyclopaedic memory for spare parts too. As for getting around the Westcountry, a Satnav to beat Steve has not yet been invented! A very active ‘walking footballer!’ 


Service Engineer & Sometimes Barista Trainer

From a background in Hospitality and that rare commodity of being an engineer and damn good barista, Lee has a long history of working in extremely busy environments. He loves his espresso and loves all of the techie stuff that produces it! Recently taken to the roads on a motorbike, but not too keen when it’s raining!



The guy responsible for packing your order and ensuring you get the correct items, a stickler for detail and will probably know which items you order better than you! You will also meet him out and about on local deliveries. An avid runner regularly undertaking half marathons with great success.


Service Engineer


Barista trainer